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Reports Thomas B. Fordham Institute 24 Sep, 2018
The Thomas B. Fordham Institute details the distribution of schools in Kansas in order to provide educators and policymakers with information about communities that provide no… Read More
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Reports National Association of Charter School… 24 Sep, 2018
This profile on charter schools in the state of Oklahoma provides basic information on charter school laws and recommendations from NACSA on expanding charter schools in Oklahoma.
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Toolkits Ohio School Boards Association 13 Sep, 2018
The Guide to Charter or Community Schools publication from Ohio School Boards provides an informative snapshot of charter or community schools in Ohio. It provides information on… Read More
Title slide for The CSO Role in New School Development
Webinar 06 Sep, 2018 - 06 Sep, 2018
CSOs often run programs to help teams of charter applicants develop their charter proposal and open a new school. These programs can impact the number of new charter schools… Read More
Title slide for SE Webinar: State Strategies to Provide Technical Assistance: How States are Strengthening Authorizing
Webinar 05 Sep, 2018 - 05 Sep, 2018
CSP SE grants give states the opportunity to provide technical assistance on a wide array of issues facing charter schools. Among these technical assistance opportunities, SE… Read More
Title slide for Facilities Supports & the CSO's Role
Webinar 15 Aug, 2018 - 15 Aug, 2018
Securing a good building and affordable financing is a major challenge in the charter school sector. This webinar provided an overview of this challenge and highlighted resources… Read More
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Newsletters 14 Aug, 2018
The U.S. Department of Education's Charter Schools Program (CSP) recently released a notice of proposed priorities, requirements, definitions, and selection criteria for the CSP’s… Read More
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Reports National Association of Charter School… 13 Aug, 2018
During the past five years, a significant shift has occurred within the national charter school landscape: for the first time, most charter schools are being opened under entities… Read More
slides for CMOs, Authorizers, and the Charter Schools Program
Webinar 17 Jul, 2018 - 17 Jul, 2018
A growing proportion of charter schools belong to non-profit networks of schools, referred to as Charter Management Organizations (CMOs). This webinar introduced issues that arise… Read More