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A Black male teacher in a school hallway with a diverse group of students
Reports 29 Nov, 2022

Research shows that all students benefit from having a diverse group of teachers from a variety of backgrounds. Students experience notable educational impacts in schools where… Read More

A student group meditating and a young boy talking to his teacher
Webinar 20 Oct, 2022 - 20 Oct, 2022

NCSRC's event "Creating Communities of Care: A Workshop to Design Supports for Student and Staff Well-Being and Mental Health" featured new tools to help better support your… Read More

A young girl meditating and a boy being helped by his teacher
Reports 05 Oct, 2022

“Creating Communities of Care: How Charter Schools can Develop Systems that Support Student Mental Health” provides new tools to help charter schools adapt to the changing… Read More

Webinar Thumbnail
Webinar 11 Jul, 2022 - 11 Jul, 2022

On July 11, 2022, the Charter School Programs (CSP) held live webinars to introduce the Notices Inviting Applications (NIAs) for the CSP's … Read More

"Allocating School Resources to Support Student and School Needs" against a blue background under the NCSRC logo
Webinar 27 Apr, 2022 - 27 Apr, 2022

The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a workshop, "Allocating School Resources to Support Student and School Needs," to support charter school budget teams in… Read More

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Newsletters 01 Mar, 2022
Every year as we approach the month of February, I inevitably find myself engaged in discussion and debate with family, friends, and colleagues about Black History Month. As a… Read More
Cover of the "How 2017-2019 State Entity Grantees Are Using Technical Assistance Set-Aside Funds" Report
Reports 10 Feb, 2022
Charter School Programs (CSP) State Entity (SE) grantees are required to use at least 7% of their CSP funding to provide technical assistance (TA) to subgrant applicants and … Read More
California Charter Schools Association Logo
Reports California Charter Schools Association 03 Feb, 2022
CCSA has many years of experience supporting the growth and development of new charter schools in California. This white paper, produced as part of their Charter School Programs… Read More
Title page of the Disseminating Best Practices for SE Grantees report
Reports 14 Dec, 2021
State Entity (SE) grantees of the Charter School Programs are required to share best practices with charter schools and other public schools in their state as a component of their… Read More