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BlueHub Loan Fund, Inc. (f/k/a Boston Community Loan Fund, Inc.) is a nonprofit community development financial institution. Since 1985, we have invested over $1.4 billion in projects that provide affordable housing, good jobs, and new opportunities in low-income communities, connecting these neighborhoods to the mainstream economy. We are committed to working together with our peers and partners across the nation toward our goal of an inclusive prosperity that ensures that low-income people and communities have access to the tools they need to create wealth, opportunity and lasting change. Whether we are financing a health center or a charter school, solar panels or a saw mill, a low-income family or an established developer of affordable housing, our focus remains on developing financial tools, programs and ideas that provide access to opportunity, bridge gaps rather than widen them, and offer the potential and promise to change the world. In the charter school sector, BlueHub Loan Fund (BHLF)oston Community Loan Fund (BCLF) supports flexible loan terms to high capacity schools serving low-income families that can't meet their facility needs with tradition financing products. Products include one or more of the following features: Equity requirement below 10%; Loan-to-Value over 90%; Available to schools that have not been through a charter renewal; Available to independent schools (not part of a CMO network); Below market pricing; Loan terms that extend past charter renewal; Maximum guarantee fee of 1% at closing; Flexible collateral requirements for leasehold improvements; and Subordinate financing.

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