Brooke Roslindale Charter

28 Oct, 2014


Brooke Roslindale Charter School is part of the Brooke Charter Schools Network, a growing group of high-performing K-8 public schools in Boston, Massachusetts. The network, named for the African-American U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Edward W. Brooke, is dedicated to getting underserved students into and through college. The network believes that teacher quality is the key predictor of student success and that great teaching closes the achievement gap. The network, which individualizes education to ensure that each student is growing, integrates special education and general education, maintains small class sizes and provides extensive professional development for its teachers. Co-directors oversee the network, with one focusing on operations and the other instruction. Brooke Roslindale was the network’s first school. It opened in 2002, starting with 5th grade and enrolling 88 students. The school has grown to serve 485 students in grades K-8, with 6 percent of enrollment made up of students with disabilities, according to the school’s Massachusetts Department of Education 2013 report card. The network added its second school in the Mattapan area of Boston in 2011 and its third school opened in 2012 in East Boston. They are planned K-8 schools.

Awards and Recognition

  • Brooke Roslindale received the 2012 Dispelling the Myth Award from The Education Trust, which recognized the school’s service to low-income students and learning gains by its students that far exceed the state’s average.
  • Brooke Charter Schools have been recognized with support for expansion from organizations such as the Charter School Growth Fund and NewSchools Venture Fund.
  •  The U.S. Department of Education awarded a Teacher Incentive Fund grant to Brooke Charter Schools.


Brooke Charter Schools achieve at the highest levels on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS), performing at the top ranks of all public schools statewide. Brooke Roslindale’s Massachusetts Department of Education 2013 report card shows the school in the 97 percentile overall for schools in the state serving similar grades. The percentage of students with disabilities at the school who are proficient in English language Arts is 84 percent, compared to the statewide average of 27 percent. The percentage of students with disabilities who are proficient in mathematics is 68 percent, compared to the statewide average of 17 percent, according to MCAS results.

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Focus Area I: Eligibility and Evaluation

Focus Area II: Integrating Special Education and General Education

Focus Area III: Professional Development

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources
How To Hold A Pencil

This video features a Brooke Charter Schools Network occupational therapist discussing pencil grips and writing mechanics.

Special Education Eligibility Flow Chart

This document is the Special Education Eligibility/Initial and Reevaluation Determination flow chart used by Brooke Charter Schools Network.

Teacher Evaluation Rubric-Paced Instruction Activation Tool

This Teacher Evaluation Rubric used by Brooke Charter Schools Network covers growth mindset, leadership and relationships, individualization and assessment, skills and concepts, and team responsibility.

Parent Questionnaire

This document is used to by the Brooke Charter Schools Network to gather information to help the school understand the student’s profile.

Network Organization Chart

This chart shows how the Brooke Charter Schools Network is organized at the network and school level.