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Charter Schools and Military Communities: A Toolkit features…
Toolkits | 18 Nov, 2014

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Maryland State Board of Education, Andrews Public Charter School, Open Enrollment Waiver Opinion Publication 13 Jan, 2011 This is a copy of the Maryland State Board of Education opinion supporting a waiver for Andrews Public Charter School of the requirement that a "public charter school be open to… Read more
Sonoran Science Academy, Davis-Monthan, Replication Application Summary Report Publication 13 Jan, 2011 This is a summary report from the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools recommending that a replication application for a Sonoran Science Academy at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base… Read more
A Toolbox to Help Start a School on a Military Base Toolkits12 Jan, 2011 This toolbox, provided through Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, where a charter school was started in 2009, offers step-by-step guidelines for considering the… Read more
Bullet Background Paper on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Charter School Publication 12 Jan, 2011 This Bullet Background Paper from Davis-Monthan Air Force Bases in Tucson, Arizona, summarizes important issues and events in the development and operation of a charter middle… Read more
Proposal Preparation Instructions, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, School Project Publication 12 Jan, 2011 This is a copy of Proposal Preparation Instructions provided by Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in connection with its work to develop a school on the base. The instructions detail… Read more
Statement of Objectives, Charter Middle School, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Publication 12 Jan, 2011 This Statement of Objectives for a charter middle school on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, outlines the project being developed, including the scope of work,… Read more
Department of Defense Education Activity Educational Partnership Program Publication 11 Jan, 2011 This website of the Department of Defense Education Activity’s Educational Partnership provides military families, commands and education professionals with resources to support … Read more
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii: Military Charter School Pilot Project ReportsGrassroot Institute of Hawaii11 Jan, 2011 This report from the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, covering work by the Institute from 2004-2006, outlines a proposal for a Military Charter School Pilot Program that could… Read more Free Tutoring Provided for Eligible Military Dependents Publication 11 Jan, 2011 Through this website, eligible U.S. military families and Department of Defense civilians have unlimited access at no cost and at all times to a wide variety of support from a… Read more
Maryland Department of Legislative Services, Fiscal and Policy Note: Public Charter Schools Located on a Military Base Reports10 Jan, 2011 This is a Department of Legislative Services analysis of the Maryland General Assembly legislation passed in 2010 that provides for an exception to the state’s open enrollment law… Read more