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“A Synthesis of Research on Charter School Facilities” examines the…
Reports | 06 Oct, 2020
Identifying Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools
Identifying Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools Part 1: The Role and Perspective of Charter School Authorizers
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Indicators of Distress and What They Mean in the Charter Sector: A Webinar for Charter Sector Stakeholders Introducing…
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The Death Spiral: Identifying Early Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools (A Conversation with Authorizers)
A diagnostic tool for school leaders to identify alternatives to school-based policing
Critical Questions and Steps for Leaders to Reduce or End School-Based Policing

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Cover of the Capacity-Building Guide for Founding Native American Charter Schools
Capacity-Building Guide for Founding Native American Charter Schools Toolkits07 Oct, 2021 Charter schools are a viable option for Native American tribal communities to engage in and support sovereignty and self-determination in education. The charter model affords the… Read more
American Federation for Children National Policy Summit Event 29 Sep, 2021 to 30 Sep, 2021 The AFC National Policy Summit is advertised as "the nation’s premiere event on educational choice, joining together policymakers, advocates, and leading business and media… Read more
Cover page of the SE Monitoring Handbook
Monitoring Handbook for State Entity (SE) Grantees - 2020–21 Monitoring Cycle for FY18 Grantees Toolkits21 Sep, 2021 Monitoring Handbooks explain the purpose of monitoring, the data collection process, program-specific monitoring indicators, and acceptable evidence. Monitoring Handbooks are… Read more
Title slide of the SEA Grants management webinar
SEA SE Grantee Symposium Webinar 08 Sep, 2021 to 08 Sep, 2021 NCSRC hosted a two-day symposium focused on grants management for State Education Agency (SEA) grantees in the State Entity (SEP) CSP grant program. The first day explored… Read more
Utah Charter Network 2021 Annual Symposium Event 02 Aug, 2021 This event will feature a keynote address by Utah’s First Lady, Abby Cox, as well as a live podcast recording and panel discussion. 
Title slide of the "Understanding High-Impact Monitoring Findings for SE Grantees" presentation.
Understanding High-Impact Monitoring Findings for SE Grantees Webinar 21 Jul, 2021 to 21 Jul, 2021 This webinar featured CSP, NCSRC, and WestEd representatives in discussion about monitoring findings within the State Entity (SE) grant program. Topics of discussion included: An… Read more
NC Association for Public Charter Schools 2021 Virtual Conference Event 15 Jul, 2021 to 22 Jul, 2021 The North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools Conference is the largest state gathering of North Carolina charter school teachers, school leaders, administrators,… Read more
First slide of the Non-SEA symposium
Non-SEA SE Grantee Symposium Webinar 14 Jul, 2021 to 15 Jul, 2021 NCSRC held a two-day symposium focused on grantee sharing, lessons learned, grants management, and problems of practice. This event was intended for grantees of the CSP State… Read more
Cover of the Checklist for peer review plan elements
Checklist for Peer Review Plan Elements: A Resource for CSP State Entity Grantees Toolkits13 Jul, 2021 CSP state entity (SE) grantees must use a peer review process to review and award subgrantee applications for assistance for high-quality charter schools. An SE’s approach to… Read more