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Cover of the "What's the Board Got to Do With It?" toolkit
What’s the Board Got to Do With It? The Role of the Charter School Board in Monitoring School Performance Toolkits02 Aug, 2022 Charter school governing boards are critical to the success of a charter school or Charter Management Organization (CMO). “What’s the Board Got to Do With It: The Role of the Charter School… Read more
A stack of books with the publication title: Charter School Governance, the Essential Guide
Introducing Charter School Governance: The Essential Guide ToolkitsBLUUM01 Oct, 2020 BLUUM has created a series of informative videos that provide a high-level overview of the responsibilities, opportunities and obligations of public charter school board members. Real-life… Read more
Charter School Governing Board Composition: A Toolkit for Board Members ToolkitsThe National Charter School Resource Center12 Jun, 2018 Every child deserves to attend an excellent school. Public charter schools are governed by independent boards, and great charter schools need great boards. Serving on a charter school board… Read more
Governance FAQs ToolkitsCharter Board Partners25 May, 2016 The Charter Board Partners has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about charter school boards. The publication provides clarifying information about the role of charter school… Read more
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Essential Ingredients of Good Bylaws ToolkitsCharter Board Partners26 Feb, 2016 This tool provides great advice about creating strong bylaws from a lawyer with extensive experience advising charter school boards.