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Better Goals. More Learning. Using Student (re)Engagement Levels to Create Meaningful Goals and Measures ReportsNational Charter Schools Institute 01 Jan, 2021 Accountability systems that rely on traditional measures, particularly since the beginning of the pandemic, have not consistently yielded useful data on student learning and engagement… Read more
Charter School Performance in Texas Reports02 Aug, 2017 This report finds that on average, students in Texas public charter schools experience stronger growth annually in reading and math. It provides views of Texas charter school performance… Read more
Los Angeles Charter Groups Give Students Two Months’ More Math Learning Than Other LA Public Schools, Analysis of New CREDO Data Finds ReportsEsmeralda Fabián Romero19 Jun, 2017 An average of 40 additional days of learning in math and 24 days of learning in reading are being gained in Los Angeles' 14 larger charter school networks, according to an analysis of a new… Read more
Charter School Discipline: Examples of Policies and School Climate Efforts from the Field ReportsNora Kern, Suzie Kim, Safal Partners28 Jun, 2016 The report profiles four charter schools with innovative approaches to discipline: Health Sciences High and Middle College, KIPP Bay Area Schools, New Orleans College Prep Network, and Rowe… Read more
Reducing Out-of-School Suspensions and Expulsions in District of Columbia Public and Public Charter Schools ReportsOffice of the State Superintendent of Education01 Oct, 2013 This report includes recommendations to eliminate Out-of-School suspensions and expulsions in DC Public Schools. The report uses local and national research on best practices to support… Read more
California Suspensions Data: Charters and Traditional Public Schools ReportsCarlyn Obringer03 Mar, 2014 This brief includes suspension data and findings from public schools in the state of California. The brief shows that California charter schools, on average, suspend students at identical… Read more
Discipline Disparities Series: Overview ReportsPrudence Carter, Michelle Fine and Stephen Russell01 Mar, 2014 This paper is the first of a four-series report on discipline disparities. This overview summarizes the interventions and policy recommendations the Discipline Disparities Research to… Read more
Advancing School Discipline Reform ReportsGreta Colombi and David Osher01 Aug, 2015 During the past two decades, there has been an increase in exclusionary and punitive discipline in US schools. These disciplinary approaches have been discriminatory in their impacts and… Read more
Addressing the Root Causes of Disparities in School Discipline: An Educator's Action Planning Guide ReportsU.S. Department of Education01 Jul, 2015 This document is a guide to assist schools and districts in identifying and analyzing the root causes of disparities in school discipline. Additionally, it provides a guide to help schools… Read more
Understanding Student Discipline Practices in Charter Schools: A Research Agenda ReportsCRPE, Patrick Denice, Betheny Gross, and Karega Rausch02 Sep, 2015 Fair use of exclusionary discipline is a rising concern in public schools. At issue is whether this type of discipline is disproportionately applied to certain groups of students and… Read more