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Voting With Their Feet: A State-Level Analysis of Public Charter School and District Public School Trends ReportsNational Alliance for Public Charter Schools01 Sep, 2021 Based on data collected and analyzed by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, during the first full school year of the COVID pandemic, the charter sector is likely to have… Read more
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A Strategic City-Based Framework for Effectively and Efficiently Educating Students with Disabilities ReportsLauren Morando Rhim23 Jul, 2021 The Center for Learner Equity published a framework that introduces critical components of a strategic, city-based framework, along with details regarding how this can lead to better access… Read more
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Putting Students First: Profiles of District-Charter Collaboration in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts ReportsChait, R. & Keirstead, C.01 Jan, 2019 These brief profiles provide an overview of several cross-sector initiatives in the District of Columbia and in Massachusetts.  
The State Role in Supporting District-Charter Collaboration: Opportunities for Action ReportsChait, R., Dwyer, C., & Keirstead, C.01 Jan, 2019 This guide is intended as a resource for state education agency (SEA) leaders, other state-level policymakers, and their staff to prompt their thinking about what such support could look… Read more
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Fostering Collaboration Between District and Charter Schools ToolkitsAllender, S., Browning, A., Chait, R., Dwyer, C., Keirstead, C., & Nabors, A01 Jan, 2019 This toolkit is intended to help state and local policymakers learn from documented successes, anticipate and address potential barriers, and facilitate cross-sector initiatives to improve… Read more
The Politics of K-12 Education in Small Rural School Districts: The Case of Idaho ReportsCenter for Reinventing Public Education01 Jan, 2015 Rural education leaders face distinctive problems that haven’t received enough attention. This paper aims to shed some light on the forces that shape the politics of Idaho’s small, rural… Read more
Collision Course: Embracing Politics to Succeed in District-Charter Collaboration ReportsAshley Jochim, Sarah Yatski, Alice Opalka11 Jan, 2018 Many who attempt district-charter collaboration point to “politics” as a constraint that affects their work, but little is understood about why some collaborations enjoy broad support while… Read more
October 2017 Newsletter Newsletters06 Oct, 2017 $253 Million Dollars in New Federal Grants to Expand Charter Schools Announced The U.S. Department of Education recently announced the FY 2017 awards for three Charter Schools Program grant… Read more
November 2017 Newsletter Newsletters28 Nov, 2017 Federally-Funded Low-Cost Fund for Hurricane Damaged Charter Schools Key Takeaways: Using funding from the federal Charter Schools Program’s Credit Enhancement Program, Building Hope… Read more
Partnership Schools: New Governance Models for Creating Quality School Options in Districts ReportsRobin Lake01 Oct, 2017 In at least 10 U.S. cities, a new partnership schools model is emerging. This “third way” governance strategy can break through contentious district-charter divides and could help improve… Read more