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This report covers national and regional trends impacting the current…
Reports | 23 Mar, 2020
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State Policy Snapshot: Facilities Funding for Public Charter Schools
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The State of the Charter Sector: What You Need to Know About the Charter Sector Today

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The Answer Key: How to Plan, Develop and Finance Your Charter School Facility ToolkitsNCB Capital Impact23 Feb, 2010 Developed by NCB Capital Impact, this guide offers charter school operators step-by-step assistance in planning, evaluating, and implementing facilities projects through all key stages of… Read more
Facilities Financing: New Models for Districts that are Creating Schools ReportsBryan Hassel and Katie Walter Esser, Public Impact for Education Evolving20 Feb, 2010 This 2004 report outlines a number of innovative ways school districts and charter schools have addressed the challenge of creating affordable facilities, including public-private… Read more
Financing Mechanisms for Charter School Facilities Webinar17 Feb, 2010 The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a webinar February 17, 2010 that focused on charter school facilities financing. The purpose of the webinar was to share practices that… Read more
The Sustainable Answer Key: A Guide to Building a Sustainable High Performance Charter School Facility ToolkitsNCB Capital Impact and the U.S. Green Building Council 19 Nov, 2009 This guidebook by NCB Capital Impact and the U.S. Green Building Council is intended to help charter school operators design and implement green strategies for their facilities. The… Read more
Research on the Impact of School Facilities on Students and Teachers Reports21st Century School Fund31 Oct, 2009 A growing body of increasingly rigorous research points to a small but steadily positive relationship between the quality of a public school facility and a range of academic and community… Read more
For Generations to Come: A Leadership Guide to Renewing Public School Buildings ToolkitsThe 21st Century School Fund01 Jan, 2004 Published by the 21st Century School Fund, this guide provides a framework to help school leaders manage facilities renovation and construction.With a focus on involving the community, it … Read more
Workshop Files Available: Credit Enhancement Webinar Six Publication01 Jan, 1970 The sixth of six credit enhancement webinars covered: - Credit Enhancement Program updates - Credit Enhancement data analysis - Credit Enhancement feasibility report update - Credit… Read more