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This report covers national and regional trends impacting the current…
Reports | 23 Mar, 2020
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State Policy Snapshot: Facilities Funding for Public Charter Schools
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The State of the Charter Sector: What You Need to Know About the Charter Sector Today

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State Policy Snapshot: School District Facilities and Public Charter Schools ReportsRuss Simnick, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 01 Apr, 2015 One of the greatest challenges to the health of the public charter school movement is access to adequate facilities in which the schools operate. Public charter school facilities are rarely… Read more
Finding Space: Charters in District Facilities ReportsJim Griffin, Leona Christy and Jody Ernst09 Mar, 2015 Accessing affordable facilities has long been identified as one of the most significant challenges facing charter schools. In response to this challenge, an array of policy and market-based… Read more
Credit Enhancement Webinar: Collaboration to Enhance Facility Financing Webinar24 Feb, 2015 On February 24, 2015, Safal Partners hosted the fifth webinar in our Credit Enhancement Webinar Series. The fifth webinar in our Credit Enhancement Series focused on illustrating real-life… Read more
Is the Quality of Charter School Facilities Related to Student Performance? ReportsColorado League of Charter Schools & the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools20 Feb, 2015   This report details the effects of facilities in charters' student performance.
Nevada Charter Schools: Improving Access to Categorical & Facilities Funding ReportsGuinn Center17 Dec, 2014 The Nevada Plan for school finance is the main funding source for operations for school districts and charter schools. There are also State and Federal categorical grants, which provide… Read more
Credit Enhancement Grantee Website PublicationU.S. Department of Education26 Nov, 2014 Unlike traditional public schools, charter school facility needs are not always accounted for within part of state and local funding streams.  While a number of states provide some funding… Read more
Common Lease Terms PublicationBuild with Purpose25 Nov, 2014 This glossary provides charter schools with a handy reference to commonly used leasing terminology.
Fundamentals of Purchasing Real Estate ReportsIFF25 Nov, 2014 This guidebook developed by IFF is designed to provide a brief overview of the process for purchasing real estate and to help organizations make an informed evaluation of a property’s… Read more
Guide to Leasing a Facility PublicationBuild with Purpose25 Nov, 2014 This easy-to-follow guide provides charter schools with a step-by-step overview of the steps involved in leasing a facility.
Guide to Purchasing vs. Leasing PublicationBuild with Purpose25 Nov, 2014 This guidebook provides a brief overview of the trade-offs involved in purchasing a facility versus leasing it.