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Financial Management ToolkitsCharter School Growth23 Sep, 2016 Charter School Tools has compiled a comprehensive set of resources on financial management including audit checklists, sample expense reports, and sample finance guidelines.
Fiscal Policies and Procedures Handbook ToolkitsCharter School Growth23 Sep, 2016 A sample policies and procedures handbook that boards can use to create policies and procedures.
Protect Your Nonprofit's Tax Exempt Status ToolkitsCharter School Growth23 Sep, 2016 The National Council of Nonprofits provides a summary of the “hot button” issues that should be on your radar screen and links to resources about protecting and maintaining tax-exempt… Read more
SUNY Fiscal Templates ToolkitsCharter School Growth23 Sep, 2016 SUNY’s collection of fiscal resources includes charter revision, renewal financial, and annual budget and audit templates for charter school boards.  
Charter Board Governing Basics ToolkitsBoard On Track, ExED25 May, 2016 This toolkit provides best practices of financial oversight with primers covering roles and responsibilities and general financial management.
Can You Afford That New Charter School Facility? ToolkitsCharter School Growth05 Jan, 2016 CSGF offers a tool that boards can use to answer the question: “how much building can I afford?”.
Credit Enhancement Webinar: May 2015 Workshop Preparation Webinar04 May, 2015 to 04 May, 2015 The sixth of six credit enhancement webinars covered: Credit Enhancement Program updates Credit Enhancement data analysis Credit Enhancement feasibility report update Credit Enhancement… Read more
Nevada Charter Schools: Improving Access to Categorical & Facilities Funding ReportsGuinn Center17 Dec, 2014 The Nevada Plan for school finance is the main funding source for operations for school districts and charter schools. There are also State and Federal categorical grants, which provide… Read more
Credit Enhancement Grantee Website PublicationU.S. Department of Education26 Nov, 2014 Unlike traditional public schools, charter school facility needs are not always accounted for within part of state and local funding streams.  While a number of states provide some funding… Read more
Common Lease Terms PublicationBuild with Purpose25 Nov, 2014 This glossary provides charter schools with a handy reference to commonly used leasing terminology.