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Webinar Video Series: Fiscal Oversight by Charter School Board of Trustees Webinar15 Sep, 2016 This comprehensive webinar hosted by NYSED addresses internal controls for charter schools, basic fiscal literacy for boards, creating a financial dashboard, and mitigating fiscal risk. The… Read more
Getting Lost While Trying to Follow the Money: Special Education Finance in Charter Schools ReportsLauren Morando Rhim, Paul O’Neill, Amy Ruck, Kathryn Huber, and Sivan Tuchman, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools 02 Nov, 2015 In developing the brief, the goal was to present a clear and succinct point-in-time description of how special education is funded in charter schools to empower key stakeholders with… Read more
Federal Funding Opportunities ToolkitsCharter Schools Program, U.S. Department of Education07 Oct, 2015 To support the charter sector in its financing struggles, OII has developed a presentation on federal funding streams. In addition to accessing different sources of funding, the… Read more
Non-SEA Competition for Charter Schools Accepting Applications AnnouncementsNCSRC24 Aug, 2015 Non-SEA Competition for Charter Schools Accepting Applications The U.S. Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program (CSP) has just announced the Non-State Educational Agency (Non-SEA… Read more
U.S. Department of Education to Discuss Uniform Guidance Event27 May, 2015 The U.S. Department of Education invites our grantees and constituents to participate in a discussion of the Department’s implementation of the interim final rule for 2 CFR Part 200, the… Read more
Federal Funding Opportunities Webinar Webinar01 May, 2015 to 01 May, 2015 Whiteboard Advisors and the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools have teamed up to deliver webinars that are designed to help schools in their grant acquisition and management… Read more
How are charter schools funded in Pennsylvania? PublicationDan Hardy – Public School Notebook24 Apr, 2015 This series of podcasts explores and explains the history, complexities, and controversies of school funding in Pennsylvania.  The second podcast in the series focuses on how charter… Read more
Study of Oregon Charter School Funding ReportsChalkboard Project01 Mar, 2015 Charter Schools in the state of Oregon are funded on a per pupil basis from each resident district’s state provided General Purpose Grant allocation. These funds are provided to district… Read more
How Charter School Funding Compares ReportsFlorida TaxWatch Center for Educational Performance and Accountability01 Feb, 2015 Florida’s public charter schools have become a valuable, growing choice for Floridians seeking an alternative to traditional public school for their children. The state now contains 517… Read more
The Politics of K-12 Education in Small Rural School Districts: The Case of Idaho ReportsCenter for Reinventing Public Education01 Jan, 2015 Rural education leaders face distinctive problems that haven’t received enough attention. This paper aims to shed some light on the forces that shape the politics of Idaho’s small, rural… Read more