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Join the authors and contributors for an exclusive discussion of the…
Reports | 21 Sep, 2020
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A Tale of Two Grantees: How NYSED and NCDPI are Using CSP Funds to Make a Difference in Their States
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A Tale of Two Grantees: How AppleTree Institute and Hiawatha Academies Are Using CSP Funds to Make a Difference in…
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Don’t Stop Improving: A Strategic Approach to School Improvement Using the Four Domains
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Four Domains for Significant and Sustainable Charter School Improvement: A Systems Framework for the Charter Context

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Charter School Performance in Texas ReportsCredo22 Jul, 2015 This report provides an in-depth examination of the results for charter schools in Texas. It is also an update to CREDO’s first analysis, also on the NCSRC. This report has two main… Read more
Measuring Diversity in Charter School Offerings ReportsMichael Q. McShane and Jenn Hatfield, American Enterprise Institute21 Jul, 2015 There are two main reasons given to support charter schooling: (1) that charter schools will improve academic achievement by taking advantage of flexibility not afforded to traditional… Read more
School Indicators for New York City Charter Schools 2013-2014 School Year ReportsRaymond Domanico, New York City Independent Budget Office01 Jul, 2015 In 2009, the state law granting the Mayor control of the New York City public school system was renewed. That renewal included a requirement that the New York City Independent Budget Office… Read more
SEA Webinar: Early Childhood Learning in Charter Schools Webinar18 Jun, 2015 Early Learning programs have emerged as an intervention to the historical and pervasive gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students. This webinar explores early learning charter… Read more
Startup Teacher Education: A Fresh Take on Teacher Credentialing ReportsThomas Arnett01 Jun, 2015 As education reformers across the country are working to improve student outcomes at scale, many are focusing on improving the teaching force. This case study describes how three groups of… Read more
Student Achievement in Charter Schools: What the Research Shows ReportsNCSRC06 May, 2015 The charter sector has grown dramatically since its beginnings in Minnesota almost a quarter of a century ago. Today, an estimated 2.5 million children attend approximately 6,400 charter… Read more
The Status of Charter Schools in Texas ReportsChildren At Risk27 Apr, 2015 Children languish in poor-performing charter schools, while the outstanding charters have waiting lists into the hundreds if not thousands. When all charters schools are analyzed together,… Read more
On Top of the World: Public Charter Schools and International Benchmarking, 2013-2014 Reports31 Mar, 2015 The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools believes a key way to make our schools globally competitive is by allowing schools to adopt innovative practices that lead to higher… Read more
Urban Charter School Study Report on 41 Regions 2015 ReportsCenter for Research on Education Outcomes20 Mar, 2015 This report presents an investigation conducted by CREDO over the past two years. We examined charter school performance in urban areas, driven by our ongoing effort to identify successful… Read more
Virtual Schools in the US 2015 ReportsNEPC19 Mar, 2015 Virtual education continues to be a focal point for policymakers interested in expanding education choices and improving the efficiency of public education. In particular, full-time virtual… Read more