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Identifying Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools
"Identifying Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools" labels and…
Reports | 21 Sep, 2020
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Indicators of Distress and What They Mean in the Charter Sector: A Webinar for Charter Sector Stakeholders Introducing…
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A Tale of Two Grantees: How NYSED and NCDPI are Using CSP Funds to Make a Difference in Their States
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A Tale of Two Grantees: How AppleTree Institute and Hiawatha Academies Are Using CSP Funds to Make a Difference in…
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Don’t Stop Improving: A Strategic Approach to School Improvement Using the Four Domains

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Digital Learning Report Card 2013 ReportsFoundation for Excellence in Education04 Feb, 2015 State policy can remove barriers to innovative approaches or it can stifle them with restrictions, red tape, and reinforcement of traditional, unsustainable approaches. It can accelerate… Read more
Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2014 Politics, Performance, Policy, and Research Evidence ReportsGreat Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice04 Feb, 2015 A comprehensive analysis of all proposed and enacted virtual school legislation in 50 states during the 2012 and 2013 legislative sessions enables tracking whether legislative trends… Read more
School Accountability in the Digital Age ReportsEvergreen Education Group01 Feb, 2015 Public schools in the United States operate under state accountability systems that vary by state and are meant to measure individual school performance against criteria determined by state… Read more
How Parents Experience Public School Choice ReportsAshley Jochim, Michael DeArmond, Betheny Gross, Robin Lake19 Dec, 2014 This report examines parents’ experiences with public school choice across eight “high-choice” cities: Baltimore, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and… Read more
A GROWING MOVEMENT: AMERICA’S LARGEST CHARTER SCHOOL COMMUNITIES ReportsNational Alliance for Public Charter Schools04 Dec, 2014 This report identifies communities with the highest enrollment share and largest number of students attending public charter schools, as well as communities where charter school… Read more
In-Depth Portfolio Assessment: Shelby County Schools in Memphis Tennessee ReportsChristine Campbell19 Nov, 2014 The 2013 merger of Memphis City Schools (with 103,000 students) and Shelby County Schools (with 47,000 students) was the largest school district consolidation in American history. In its… Read more
Early Progress Interim Report on Personalized Learning - Executive Summary ReportsBill & Melinda Gates Foundation06 Nov, 2014 The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released this report on the interim findings from an ongoing study of charter schools using personalized learning practices. The report discusses… Read more
Designing the Next Generation of State Education Accountability Systems ReportsCenter on Reinventing Public Education03 Oct, 2014 In June 2014, the Center on Reinventing Public Education and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute brought together a group of scholars and policy experts to consider what’s needed in the next… Read more
Evaluation of the Public Charter Schools Program: Final Report. PPSS-2004-08. ReportsU.S. Department of Education28 Aug, 2014 The findings from this study show that the Public Charter Schools Program is achieving its intended purpose: to provide states with flexible funding to support new charter schools. As can… Read more
Over-Age, Under-Credited Students and Public Charter Schools: An Exploration of Successes, Strategies, and Opportunities for Expansion ReportsNational Alliance for Public Charter Schools 18 Jul, 2014 Over-age and under- credited (OU) students are defined as not having the appropriate number of credits for their age and intended grade. A new report released today by the National Alliance… Read more