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Reports | 22 Jan, 2019

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How Do School Leaders Respond to Competition ReportsHuriya Jabbar, Education Research Alliance27 Mar, 2015 This paper examines New Orleans school leaders’ perceptions of competition and their responses to it. This paper will focus on schools’ responses to competition rather than student outcomes… Read more
A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter School Communities (2014) ReportsNational Alliance02 Dec, 2014 A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter School Communities, identifies communities with the highest enrollment share and largest number of students attending public charter schools,… Read more
Charter Schools and Military Communities: A Toolkit ToolkitsNational Charter School Resource Center18 Nov, 2014 Charter Schools and Military Communities: A Toolkit features information on charter schools serving the needs of military families and tools to help additional military communities… Read more
Parent Power Index PublicationThe Center for Education Reform16 Oct, 2014  The Parent Power Index (PPI) measures the ability in each state of a parent to exercise choices – no matter what their income or child’s level of academic achievement – engage with their… Read more
Engaging English Learner Families In Charter Schools ReportsLeona Christy, Safal Partners; Juli Kim and Bryan C. Hassel, Public Impact14 Oct, 2014 English Learner (EL) students are the fastest growing demographic group among school children in the United States, with the number of ELs in K-12 public schools increasing by about 14%… Read more
Charter School Teacher Recruitment and Selection Toolkit ToolkitsDelaware Department of Education03 Oct, 2014 In recent years, the Delaware Department of Education has promoted the use of  human capital strategies by public school districts and schools as part of the  Delaware State Board of… Read more
Enhancing Charter Schools through Parent Involvement ReportsNational Resource Center on Charter School Finance and Governance26 Aug, 2014 This report from the National Resource Center on Charter School Finance and Governance functions as a practice profile that highlights methods for harnessing meaningful parent involvement. … Read more
Community Day Charter Public School Case Study15 Jun, 2014 Background Community Day is a mission-driven charter school that has successfully narrowed the achievement gap for students who are Latino, low-income, and English Language Learners by… Read more
A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter School Communities (2013) ReportsNational Alliance10 Dec, 2013 The latest data on public charter school enrollment demonstrate once again that public charter schools are the fastest-growing sector of public education in the United States. Over the past… Read more
2013 Leadership Update Conference Event28 Oct, 2013 to 29 Oct, 2013 The conference of the Charter Schools Development Center is an annual event designed to provide charter school leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive during the school year… Read more