Opening and Expanding

If you are looking for a toolkit to open a school in your state, please find your state's CSO (Charter Support Organization).

Featured Opening and Expanding Resources

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How have CMOs expanded and replicated high-quality schools? The…
Webinar | 29 Jul, 2020 to 29 Jul, 2020
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A Tale of Two Grantees: How NYSED and NCDPI are Using CSP Funds to Make a Difference in Their States
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A Strategic Approach to School Improvement Using the Four Domains
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Don’t Stop Improving: A Strategic Approach to School Improvement Using the Four Domains

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Key Issues in Studying Charter Schools and Achievement ReportsJulian Betts and Paul Hill01 May, 2006 In this May 2006 report from the National Charter School Research Project, the authors review various methodological approaches to studying charter schools, along with advantages and… Read more
Legal and Policy Barriers to Redesigning California High Schools ReportsCenter for Reinventing Public Education01 Apr, 2006 In an effort to identify legal, regulatory, and policy barriers to the creation and successful operation of redesigned high schools in California, CRPE staff interviewed high school… Read more
School Restructuring Options under No Child Left Behind: What Works When? Turnarounds with New Leaders and Staff ToolkitsCenter for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement01 Jan, 2005 This paper from the Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement focuses on the qualities of an effective turnaround leader.
Massachusetts Charter Schools & Their Feeder Districts: A Demographic Analysis ReportsThe Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy19 Jan, 2004 This 2004 report from The Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy compares the demographic profiles of charter schools in Massachusetts to the districts where they draw students.… Read more
State Resources for Starting a Charter School ToolkitsSafal Partners01 Jan, 1970 This is a state-by-state list of all of the resources available in your state. How to Start a Charter School in AlabamaURL:… Read more