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This report labels and categorizes the indicators of distress that…
Reports | 21 Sep, 2020
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The Death Spiral: Identifying Early Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools (A Conversation with Authorizers)
A diagnostic tool for school leaders to identify alternatives to school-based policing
Critical Questions and Steps for Leaders to Reduce or End School-Based Policing
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A Tale of Two Grantees: How AppleTree Institute and Hiawatha Academies Are Using CSP Funds to Make a Difference in…
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A Strategic Approach to School Improvement Using the Four Domains

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Breakthroughs in Time, Talent, and Technology: Next Generation Learning Models in Public Charter Schools ReportsPublic Impact25 Sep, 2014 A new report released in September of 2014 by Public Impact and for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools looks at next generation learning models – those using time, talent, and… Read more
Public Accountability for Charter Schools ReportsBrown University's Annenberg Institute for School Reform19 Sep, 2014 A new report on charter schools from Brown University’s Annenberg Institute for School Reform (AISR) recommends changes to state charter legislation and charter authorizer standards that… Read more
Using School Improvement Grant Funds to Increase Access to High-Quality Public Schools PublicationNational Alliance for Public Charter Schools08 Sep, 2014 This policy paper outlines a set of proposals that would allow states to use School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds to open new and expand existing high-quality public charter schools. In… Read more
Stakeholder Engagement for Common Enrollment Systems ReportsCenter on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE)29 Aug, 2014 This March 2014 issue brief from CRPE looks at the experiences of leaders in two cities—New Orleans and Denver—and the stakeholder pol­itics they encountered as they set up their new… Read more
Over-Age, Under-Credited Students and Public Charter Schools: An Exploration of Successes, Strategies, and Opportunities for Expansion ReportsNational Alliance for Public Charter Schools 18 Jul, 2014 Over-age and under- credited (OU) students are defined as not having the appropriate number of credits for their age and intended grade. A new report released today by the National Alliance… Read more
Charter School Performance in California ReportsCenter for Research on Education Outcomes27 Feb, 2014 Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) releases a comprehensive report on Charter School Performance in California, 2014. The California report provides an… Read more
Charter School Performance in Los Angeles ReportsCenter for Research on Education Outcomes26 Feb, 2014 A new report released by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) found that the typical student in a Los Angeles charter school gains more learning in a year… Read more
Promoting Healthy Diets through Nutrition Education and Changes in the Food Environment ReportsCorinna Hawkes, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)30 Nov, 2013 An unhealthy diet is one of the key risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). For example, inadequate consumption of fruit and vegetables increases the risk for cardiovascular… Read more
2013 North Carolina Charter Schools Conference Event14 Jul, 2013 to 16 Jul, 2013 The theme for the 2013 North Carolina Charter Schools Conference is "Crowning Our Educators."  More than 800 attendees are expected at the conference this year, including teachers, parents… Read more