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“A Synthesis of Research on Charter School Facilities” examines the…
Reports | 06 Oct, 2020
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Identifying Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools Part 1: The Role and Perspective of Charter School Authorizers
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The Death Spiral: Identifying Early Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools (A Conversation with Authorizers)

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SEA Webinar Series Annual Independent Audits Webinar03 Dec, 2015 As part of the NCSRC's SEA webinar series, this presentation focuses on financial audits and SEA review processes. Surveys indicate that the majority of authorizers require schools to… Read more
SEA Webinar: Annual Independent Audits Event03 Dec, 2015 Surveys indicate that the majority of authorizers require schools to submit an annual, independently-audited financial and compliance report. Two SEAs (New York and Florida) will present on… Read more
The SEA of the Future: Building Agency Capacity for Evidence-Based Policymaking ReportsGross, B., and Jochim, A.15 Nov, 2015 State education agencies (SEAs) are increasingly under the gun to boost their effectiveness and advance student outcomes. This means chiefs and their deputies have to make the most of their… Read more
Nevada Charter Schools 101 PublicationGuinn Center04 Nov, 2015 Nevada’s charter schools are state-funded public schools of choice operated by independent entities with their own governing boards. Like other public schools, basic education services are… Read more
NACSA Leadership Conference Event19 Oct, 2015 to 22 Oct, 2015 Do you believe that ideas shape futures? We do. Join more than 400 authorizer and education professionals at the 2015 NACSA Leadership Conference, where we will share ideas about how we can… Read more
Assessing the Increasing Strength of Charter Laws ReportsTodd Ziebarth29 Sep, 2015 NAPCS has released annual state charter law rankings from 2010-2015. Their report, Assessing the Increasing Strength of Charter Laws, is a review of the changes in states’ charter laws over… Read more
Master Class: Board Development and Governance Event09 Sep, 2015 Non-profit boards serve an important role in ensuring strong governance of schools. Independent governance is the key differentiator between public charter schools and other public schools—… Read more
Master Class: Emerging Legal Issues Webinar08 Jul, 2015 to 08 Jul, 2015 As charter schools become more prevalent, more complex legal questions have arisen. For example, a recent question that arose is: “Are charter school teachers eligible to participate in… Read more
Pre-K and Charter Schools: Where State Policies Create Barriers to Collaboration ReportsSara Mead, Ashley LiBetti Mitchel, Bellwether Education Partners07 Jul, 2015 In Pre-K and Charter Schools: Where State Policies Create Barriers to Collaboration, authors Sara Mead and Ashley LiBetti Mitchel examine thirty-six jurisdictions that have both charter… Read more
SEA Webinar: Early Childhood Learning in Charter Schools Webinar18 Jun, 2015 Early Learning programs have emerged as an intervention to the historical and pervasive gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students. This webinar explores early learning charter… Read more