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The Policy Framework for High-Quality Charter Authorizing Practices (…
Toolkits | 06 Jul, 2020
Measuring Quality Title Page
Measuring Quality: A Resource Guide for Authorizers and Alternative Schools
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State Policy Snapshot: Facilities Funding for Public Charter Schools
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The State of the Charter Sector: What You Need to Know About the Charter Sector Today

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Pre-K and Charter Schools: Where State Policies Create Barriers to Collaboration ReportsSara Mead, Ashley LiBetti Mitchel, Bellwether Education Partners07 Jul, 2015 In Pre-K and Charter Schools: Where State Policies Create Barriers to Collaboration, authors Sara Mead and Ashley LiBetti Mitchel examine thirty-six jurisdictions that have both charter… Read more
SEA Webinar: Early Childhood Learning in Charter Schools Webinar18 Jun, 2015 Early Learning programs have emerged as an intervention to the historical and pervasive gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students. This webinar explores early learning charter… Read more
Holding Public Charter School Authorizers Accountable: State Experiences and Policy Recommendations ReportsMargaret Lin15 May, 2015 Accountability is one of the central values of the public charter school concept. To date, most attention from policymakers and other education leaders has focused on school-level… Read more
School Closures and Student Achievement: An Analysis of Ohio's Urban District and Charter Schools ReportsDeven Carlson and Stéphane Lavertu (Thomas B. Fordham Institute)28 Apr, 2015 Closing poor-performing schools is an increasingly prevalent strategy for improving public education. And the promise of school choice is based in part on the notion that the educational… Read more
State Policy Snapshot: School District Facilities and Public Charter Schools ReportsRuss Simnick, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 01 Apr, 2015 One of the greatest challenges to the health of the public charter school movement is access to adequate facilities in which the schools operate. Public charter school facilities are rarely… Read more
Charter School Laws Across the States 2015: Rankings and Scorecards ReportsCenter for Education Reform16 Mar, 2015 Strong charter laws feature independent, multiple authorizers, few limits on expansion, equitable funding, and high levels of school autonomy. CER’s rankings take into consideration not… Read more
Survey of America's Charter Schools ReportsThe Center for Education Reform11 Mar, 2015 Since 1996, the Center for Education Reform has surveyed the nation’s charter schools in what has become the most reliable and detailed view of the environment and conditions in which these… Read more
Pushed Out? Low-Performing Students and New York City Charter Schools ReportsMarcus Winters, Ph.D.01 Mar, 2015   The significant growth of charter schools in the United States has brought praise for the excellent results achieved by some schools as well as criticism that charter schools may not be… Read more
Credit Enhancement Webinar: Collaboration to Enhance Facility Financing Webinar24 Feb, 2015 On February 24, 2015, Safal Partners hosted the fifth webinar in our Credit Enhancement Webinar Series. The fifth webinar in our Credit Enhancement Series focused on illustrating real-life… Read more
Accountability for All: The Need for Real Charter School Authorizer Accountability in Michigan ReportsThe Education Trust-Midwest (ETM)23 Feb, 2015 In this report, we provide the first comprehensive review of Michigan charter authorizers’ track records of school performance and a first-ever letter grade scorecard for charter… Read more