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Intentionally Diverse Charter Schools: A Toolkit for Charter School Leaders ToolkitsNora Kern, Safal Partners09 Jan, 2017 This toolkit is designed to help charter school leaders and their stakeholders design and implement intentionally diverse charter schools. It presents decisions and actions, along with… Read more
Charter School Boards in the Nation’s Capital ReportsJuliet Squire and Allison Crean Davis30 Sep, 2016 Tens of thousands of individuals across the United States volunteer their time, energy, and expertise as members of charter school boards. Yet as the charter sector has grown, we’ve learned… Read more
Charter School Discipline: Examples of Policies and School Climate Efforts from the Field ReportsNora Kern, Suzie Kim, Safal Partners28 Jun, 2016 The report profiles four charter schools with innovative approaches to discipline: Health Sciences High and Middle College, KIPP Bay Area Schools, New Orleans College Prep Network, and Rowe… Read more
Addressing the Root Causes of Disparities in School Discipline: An Educator's Action Planning Guide ReportsU.S. Department of Education01 Jul, 2015 This document is a guide to assist schools and districts in identifying and analyzing the root causes of disparities in school discipline. Additionally, it provides a guide to help schools… Read more
School Climate and Discipline, U.S. Department of Education Guidance Publication13 Jan, 2014 The U.S. Department of Education offers resources and guidance on the topic of school climate and discipline for all schools, including charter schools.