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Promising Practices: Intersection of Rapid Charter School Growth and Increased Accountability for Special Education Prompts Action: The Utah Strong Start Academy ReportsNational Center for Special Education in Charter Schools02 May, 2016 Two distinct forces recently converged in Utah that led to the Board of Education office creating a training and mentoring program for new special education administrators and teachers:… Read more
Case Study: Camino Nuevo's Kayne Siart Campus Case Study18 Mar, 2016 Grades Served: K-8th Number of Students: 492 % of Hispanic/Latino Students: 98% % of African-American Students: 1% % of Other Students: 1% % of English Language Learners: 44% % of… Read more
Getting Lost While Trying to Follow the Money: Special Education Finance in Charter Schools ReportsLauren Morando Rhim, Paul O’Neill, Amy Ruck, Kathryn Huber, and Sivan Tuchman, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools 02 Nov, 2015 In developing the brief, the goal was to present a clear and succinct point-in-time description of how special education is funded in charter schools to empower key stakeholders with… Read more
VSA International Art Program for Children with Disabilities: Resources for Educators and Parents ReportsDepartment of VSA and Accessibility at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts21 Sep, 2015 A list of resources that are designed to help educators and parents gain more useful information on the relationship of arts, education, and disabilities, especially for children with… Read more
Serving Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools Webinar15 Sep, 2015 Students with disabilities are a growing student population in charter schools. According to federal law, all schools, including charter schools, are obligated to serve students with… Read more
The Myth About the Special Education Gap ReportsMarcus A. Winters, Education Next21 Jul, 2015 As public schools, charter schools are legally required to educate all students regardless of the difficulties they bring with them into the classroom. Nonetheless, many are concerned that… Read more
Case Study: Two Rivers Case Study24 Jun, 2015 Background Two Rivers Public Charter School is a high-performing PK-8 school located in Washington, D.C. More than three dozen parents from the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood founded the… Read more
Two Rivers Case Study Available Announcements24 Jun, 2015 Two Rivers a Washington, D.C. PK-8 charter school with an inclusive education model, where the instruction of students with disabilities is integrated with general education.
Special Education in California Charter Schools: All Students Welcome ReportsCalifornia Charter Schools Association15 Apr, 2015 Charter public schools are often criticized for serving fewer students with disabilities than traditional public schools. Opponents often assume that this is due to charters denying access… Read more
Equity at Scale: How Public Charter School Networks Can Innovate and Improve Services for Students with Disabilities ToolkitsPaul T. O’Neill, J.D., Ed.M, and Lauren Morando Rhim, Ph.D., The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools09 Feb, 2015 This brief offers public charter school networks ways to affect and strengthen the special education offerings for students enrolled in networked public charter schools.