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Special Education in Charter Schools: What We've Learned and What We Still Need to Know ToolkitsCRPE01 Dec, 2014 According to national averages, charter schools serve fewer students with special needs, leaving them open to charges that they are exclusionary. Charter leaders counter that when special… Read more
Financing the Education of High-Need Students ToolkitsThomas B. Fordham Institute01 Nov, 2013 America’s approach to the education of children with disabilities is antiquated, costly, and ineffective. Far too many children emerge from our special-ed system without the skills,… Read more
Meeting the Needs of Every Student Through Inclusion: A Qualitative Study of Ten California Charter Schools ReportsCalifornia Charter Schools Association01 Oct, 2016 This report highlights best practices and progress in special education in charter schools across California. Its research design and shows some very compelling evidence around charter… Read more
Ensuring Discipline Contributes to a School Culture that Serves All Students - Including Students with Disabilities Event14 Oct, 2016 This presentation comes from a session presented at the Discipline Convening on Expanding Positive School Climates in the Charter School Sector. Fostering positive school climates and… Read more
Status and Trends in the Education of Racial and Ethnic Groups 2016 ReportsInstitute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics01 Aug, 2016 Status and Trends in the Education of Racial and Ethnic Groups examines the educational progress and challenges students face in the United States by race/ethnicity. This report shows that… Read more
Promising Practices: Intersection of Rapid Charter School Growth and Increased Accountability for Special Education Prompts Action: The Utah Strong Start Academy ReportsNational Center for Special Education in Charter Schools02 May, 2016 Two distinct forces recently converged in Utah that led to the Board of Education office creating a training and mentoring program for new special education administrators and teachers:… Read more
Building the Capacity of Charter Schools: Effectively Serving Students With Disabilities Event18 Jun, 2012 The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a full-day conference in Minneapolis on June 19, 2012, titled, Building the Capacity of Charter Schools: Effectively Serving Students With… Read more
Legal Rights of Children with Disabilities and Charter Schools Event09 May, 2013 The webinar, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Eastern Time) on May 9, 2013, will feature distinguished presenters Diane Smith Howard, Staff Attorney for Juvenile Justice and Education Issues at the… Read more
Digging into Charter Schools' Special Education Enrollment Differences Event22 May, 2013 Center on Reinventing Public Education Director Robin Lake and Senior Research Analyst and Research Director Betheny Gross will share key points from CRPE's November 2012 report, New York… Read more
Case Study: Camino Nuevo's Kayne Siart Campus Case Study18 Mar, 2016 Grades Served: K-8th Number of Students: 492 % of Hispanic/Latino Students: 98% % of African-American Students: 1% % of Other Students: 1% % of English Language Learners: 44% % of… Read more