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Case Study: Two Rivers Case Study24 Jun, 2015 Background Two Rivers Public Charter School is a high-performing PK-8 school located in Washington, D.C. More than three dozen parents from the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood founded the… Read more
Special Education in California Charter Schools: All Students Welcome ReportsCalifornia Charter Schools Association15 Apr, 2015 Charter public schools are often criticized for serving fewer students with disabilities than traditional public schools. Opponents often assume that this is due to charters denying access… Read more
Special Education in Charter Schools: What We've Learned and What We Still Need to Know ReportsCenter for Reinventing Public Education01 Dec, 2014 According to national averages, charter schools serve fewer students with special needs, leaving them open to charges that they are exclusionary. Charter leaders counter that when special… Read more
Brooke Roslindale Charter Case Study28 Oct, 2014 Background Brooke Roslindale Charter School is part of the Brooke Charter Schools Network, a growing group of high-performing K-8 public schools in Boston, Massachusetts. The network,… Read more
EDUPRIZE Case Study21 Mar, 2014 Background EDUPRIZE Schools is an A+ award winning charter school system founded in 1995, with two campuses in Phoenix, AZ. Twelve percent of EDUPRIZE’s student population receives… Read more
Afya Case Study21 Mar, 2014 Background Afya Public Charter School strives to offer students a very different kind of middle-school experience.  Located in the Belair-Edison neighborhood on the west side of Baltimore… Read more
Equity at Scale: How Public Charter School Networks Can Innovate and Improve Services for Students with Disabilities ToolkitsPaul T. O’Neill, J.D., Ed.M, and Lauren Morando Rhim, Ph.D., The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools09 Feb, 2015 This brief offers public charter school networks ways to affect and strengthen the special education offerings for students enrolled in networked public charter schools.
Comparing Student Attrition Rates at Charter Schools and Nearby Traditional Public Schools ReportsNew York City Independent Budget Office02 Feb, 2015 This report on New York City emphasizes that: On average, students at charter schools stay at their schools at a higher rate than students at nearby traditional public schools. Students at… Read more
Struggling with special education, charter schools join together PublicationChalkbeat29 Aug, 2014 Connecting charter schools with similar special education needs is the chief goal of the New York City Charter School Center’s Special Education Collaborative, which builds off of local… Read more
The Facts on Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities ReportsNICHCY28 Aug, 2014 Charter schools are fairly new in public education, and they’ve generated a lot of interest and inquiry. For many families and educators, charter schools offer more options for how… Read more