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Special Education Resources for California Charter Schools PublicationCalifornia Charter Schools Association01 May, 2012 This organization provides a breadth of resources to support the process of enrolling and serving students with disabilities in charter schools. Though focused primarily on charter schools… Read more
Response to Intervention for English Language Learners: Appropriate Screening, Progress Monitoring, and Instructional Planning Webinar19 Apr, 2012 to 19 Apr, 2012 The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a webinar April 19, 2012, which explored how to implement Response to Intervention (RTI) models that will effectively address the… Read more
Synthesis Reports on Intensive Academic and Behavioral Intervention: Annotated Bibliography ReportsNational Center for Intensive Interventions09 Apr, 2012 The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to identify and describe major synthesis studies that have been conducted to date regarding the effectiveness of intervention strategies… Read more
Smart RTI: A Next-Generation Approach to Multilevel Prevention PublicationDouglas Fuchs, Lynn S. Fuchs, Donald L. Compton 05 Apr, 2012 This article highlights next-generation RTI practices, including summarizing the three aspects of Smart RTI and emphasizing the importance and relevance of tertiary prevention in all types… Read more
Terrific Transitions PublicationSERVE Regional Educational Laboratory and the National Head Start Association04 Apr, 2012 The goal of this website is to provide a wide variety of transition information and resources for families, professionals, and community partnerships to use as they address children’s… Read more
Culture Clash: Special Education in Charter Schools ReportsRobert A. Garda Jr.01 Apr, 2012 This article discusses the culture clash between charter schools and special education, and the consequences of this conflict to disabled students. The article explains how the… Read more
Assessment and Accountability Comprehensive Center - Special Populations Strand Publication02 Mar, 2012 The Assessment and Accountability Comprehensive Center is one of five National Content Centers that are funded by the U.S. Department of Education. View a variety of resources related to… Read more
National Center on Educational Outcomes Publication02 Mar, 2012 The National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) is a federally funded center that provides educators with information about educational assessments and accountability systems that… Read more
On Special Education: Postsecondary Education PublicationEducation Week31 Jan, 2012 This webpage provides links to all Education Week news and resources related to accessing postsecondary opportunities for students with disabilities. This information can be useful for… Read more
Center on Personnel Studies in Special Education PublicationUniversity of Florida and Johns Hopkins University05 Jan, 2012 Personnel problems facing special education today do not lend themselves to simple fixes. Policymakers, practitioners, family members, and the general public alike need reliable and useful… Read more