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Chartering Turnaround: Leveraging Public Charter School Autonomy to Address Failure ReportsJulie Corbett, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools12 Aug, 2015 Persistently low-achieving public schools around the country have received $5.8 billion from the federal School Improvement Grant (SIG) program, in addition to districts and state funds,… Read more
State Capacity to Support School Turnaround ReportsNational Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance01 May, 2015 One objective of the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) School Improvement Grants (SIG) and Race to the Top (RTT) program is to help states enhance their capacity to support the turnaround… Read more
Strategies for Community Engagement in School Turnaround ReportsThe Reform Support Network02 Mar, 2015 Across the United States, school districts and State education agencies (SEAs) have turned their attention to the chronically lowest performing schools and drop out factories, investing… Read more
Using School Improvement Grant Funds to Increase Access to High-Quality Public Schools PublicationNational Alliance for Public Charter Schools08 Sep, 2014 This policy paper outlines a set of proposals that would allow states to use School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds to open new and expand existing high-quality public charter schools. In… Read more
“Extraordinary Authority Districts”: Design Considerations— Framework and Takeaways ReportsPublic Impact27 Aug, 2014 In this brief, Public Impact, in partnership with America Achieves, compiles common challenges and lessons learned from early-implementing “Extraordinary authority districts”—turnaround… Read more
New Orleans-Style Education Reform: A Guide for Cities, Lessons Learned 2004–2010 Reports15 Mar, 2012 This January 2012 guide from New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO) focuses on lessons learned from school reform efforts in New Orleans. The guide provides historical context and detailed… Read more
18th Annual California Charter Schools Conference Event07 Mar, 2011 to 09 Mar, 2011 Presented by the California Charter Schools Association, at the San Diego Convention Center.
Starting Fresh in Low-Performing Schools Series ReportsNational Association of Charter School Authorizers04 Feb, 2011 Starting Fresh in Low-Performing Schools, a 2006 series of five booklets covering strategies for dramatic interventions to turn around schools, was prepared for the National Association of… Read more
Turning Around Low-Performing Schools: Lessons Learned from Charter Restarts Webinar15 Sep, 2010 Successes and challenges for charter schools that "restarted" low-performing traditional schools were covered during an interactive webinar September 15, 2010 that was hosted by the… Read more
School Restructuring: What Works When, A Guide for Education Leaders ToolkitsLearning Point Associates13 Jul, 2010 Released in June 2010, this revised and updated guide by Learning Point Associates is intended to help state and district education leaders make major changes to chronically struggling… Read more