The National Charter School Resource Center produces in-depth reports on a breadth of topics that are important to the charter school sector. Additionally, the NCSRC also gathers informative reports from supporting education organizations.

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The State of the Charter Sector: What You Need to Know About the Charter Sector Today ReportsBellwether Education Partners22 Jan, 2019 Bellwether Education Partners (Bellwether) summarizes policies and trends and the current status of charter schools in the United States in this January 2019 presentation. The… Read More
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Behind the Scenes: The Critical Support Roles that Charter Schools Program Credit Enhancement Recipients Play to Improve Charter School Facilities Access ReportsNational Charter School Resource Center18 Jan, 2019 Charter schools have always had difficulty finding affordable buildings. In response, charter school supporters have explored many policy and market approaches, ranging from… Read More
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Public Charter Schools: Borrowing with Tax-Exempt Bonds (Third Edition) ReportsEugene Clark-Herrera, Marc Bauer, Todd Brewer, Steffi Chan, Darrin Glymph, Kathryn Garner, Alison Radecki09 Jan, 2019 This report provides best practices and  information about tax-exempt financing, including information about who and what types of projects qualify for tax-exempt financing… Read More
The State Role in Supporting District-Charter Collaboration: Opportunities for Action ReportsChait, R., Dwyer, C., & Keirstead, C.01 Jan, 2019 This guide is intended as a resource for state education agency (SEA) leaders, other state-level policymakers, and their staff to prompt their thinking about what such support… Read More
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Putting Students First: Profiles of District-Charter Collaboration in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts ReportsChait, R. & Keirstead, C.01 Jan, 2019 These brief profiles provide an overview of several cross-sector initiatives in the District of Columbia and in Massachusetts.  
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Charter School Facilities Financing Sources: Exploring Quality Opportunity Zones and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Programs ReportsNational Charter School Resource Center26 Dec, 2018 Nationally, the demand for charter schools is high, yet access to affordable school facilities is a continued barrier to the growth of the charter sector. New charter organizers… Read More
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Impact of ESSA Provisions on Authorizing ReportsNational Charter School Resource Center11 Oct, 2018 Charter schools face high-stakes accountability. When charter schools fail to perform as expected, including as measured on state tests, authorizers are often expected to close… Read More
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Oklahoma Charter School State Profile ReportsEducation Commission of the States26 Sep, 2018 The Education Commission of the States compiled data and information on charter school laws across the nation. This is the state resource page for Oklahoma.
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Oklahoma Special Education Financing Overview ReportsNational Center for Special Education in Charter Schools26 Sep, 2018 NCSECS launched a special education finance initiative for stakeholders to better understand how special education is funded in the charter sector. The initiative establishes a… Read More
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Where are the Charter School Deserts in Oklahoma? ReportsThomas B. Fordham Institute26 Sep, 2018 The Thomas B. Fordham Institute details the distribution of schools in Oklahoma in order to provide educators and policymakers with information about communities that provide no… Read More