Illinois Charter Schools

141 Charter Schools
64,795 Students in Charter Schools
1996 Year Legislation Passed

State Resources

National Labor Relations Board Decision Regarding Jurisdiction In Chicago Charter School Union Case Reports04 Jan, 2013 This December 14, 2012, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision finds that a private, non-profit corporation operating a Chicago, Illinois, charter school is not exempt… Read more
Opening Day for New Charter School in a Former Naval Station Great Lakes Training Facility 03 Oct, 2012 This September 4, 2012, article from the Lake County News-Sun focuses on the opening day for a new charter school located in a former Naval Station Great Lakes training facility.… Read more
2009-2010 and 2010-2011 Illinois Charter School Biennial Report ReportsIllinois State Board of Education23 Apr, 2012 This 2009–2010 and 2010–2011 Illinois Charter School Biennial Report from the Illinois State Board of Education, dated January 2012, provides an overview of the state’s charter… Read more
Illinois State Board of Education Superintendent's Order Approving Charter School Proposed for Navy Base Site Reports16 Mar, 2012 This March 15, 2012 order by Illinois State Board of Education Superintendent Christopher Koch approves a charter school proposed by LEARN Charter School Network of Chicago for a… Read more
Chicago Charter-District School Collaboration Compact 12 Dec, 2011 This is the Chicago, Illinois, Charter-District Collaboration Compact announced in December 2011 as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation project to encourage… Read more
Charter Schools Gain Broad Support Nationally; Laws Evolve in Illinois and Wisconsin 08 Nov, 2011 This feature article from the Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center's October 2011 E-Newsletter offers a review of the charter school landscape in Wisconsin and Illinois, as well… Read more
Article About North Chicago School District 187 Request for Charter School Proposals, Potential Use of Naval Station Great Lakes Facility Lake County News-Sun19 Oct, 2011 This October 17, 2011 article from the Lake County News-Sun provides information about North Chicago School District 187’s request for proposals to start a charter school and… Read more
Implementing the Common Core State Standards: A Summary of the Work of Seven Districts (Note: Includes Charter Group) ReportsAmerican Institutes for Research 18 Aug, 2011 This June 2011 report from the American Institutes for Research gauges the extent of Common Core State Standards implementation work in seven school districts across the country… Read more