Ohio Charter Schools

322 Charter Schools
108,781 Students in Charter Schools
1997 Year Legislation Passed

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Enrollment and Achievement in Ohio's Virtual Charter Schools ReportsJune Ahn, Ph.D.; Thomas B. Fordham Institute02 Aug, 2016 This Fordham study, conducted by learning technology researcher June Ahn from NYU, dives into one of the most promising—and contentious—issues in education today: virtual schools… Read more
School Closures and Student Achievement: An Analysis of Ohio's Urban District and Charter Schools ReportsDeven Carlson and Stéphane Lavertu (Thomas B. Fordham Institute)28 Apr, 2015 Closing poor-performing schools is an increasingly prevalent strategy for improving public education. And the promise of school choice is based in part on the notion that the… Read more
When Charter Schools and Non-Chartered Schools Work Together: A Grant to Encourage Collaboration 05 Apr, 2013 This April 2013 article provides highlights and lessons from discussions and presentations at a meeting of recipients of the U.S. Department of Education's Charter Schools Program… Read more
Searching for Excellence: A Five-City, Cross-State Comparison of Charter School Quality ReportsPublic Impact, Thomas B. Fordham Institute19 Mar, 2013 This March 2013 report from the Public Impact and Thomas B. Fordham Institute offers analysis of the quality of charter schools in five cities: Albany, New York; Chicago, Illinois… Read more
Shuttered Public Schools: The Struggle to Bring Old Buildings New Life ReportsThe PEW Charitable Trusts19 Feb, 2013 This 2013 report from the PEW Charitable Trusts focuses on the use of closed public school district buildings in 12 cities. The report notes that charter schools have occupied 42… Read more
Moving Up, Fordham Sponsorship Accountability Report, 2011-12 Reports15 Nov, 2012 This 2011-12 Fordham Sponsorship Accountability Report reviews the performance of the charter schools authorized by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation.  The report provides profiles… Read more
Ohio Education Law, Amended Substitute Senate Bill 316 07 Jul, 2012 This is Ohio’s Amended Substitute Senate Bill 316, which was signed into law by the governor on June 25, 2012, and involves changes impacting charter schools, including an… Read more
Ohio Education Law, Substitute House Bill 525, Cleveland Transformation 07 Jul, 2012 This is Ohio’s Substitute House Bill 525, which was signed into law by the governor on July 2, 2012, and is focused on management of public schools in Cleveland. The law provides… Read more
Ohio Supreme Court Opinion Rejecting District's Restriction on Future Use of Surplus Facility As School 07 Jun, 2012 This is the June 2012 Supreme Court of Ohio decision and opinion that a public school district selling a vacant school building cannot block use of the property for another school… Read more