Landmark 3: Accelerate Academic Achievement

ED COVID-19 Handbook, Volume 2

The Department of Education has compiled resources and strategies to accelerate student learning in schools to address the learning loss that has happened during the pandemic. In this handbook, there is guidance for how to accelerate student learning during the school day, through targeted tutoring, through out-of-school programs, and through summer learning and enrichment.

Strategies for Using American Rescue Plan Funding to Address the Impact of Lost Instructional Time

As more students return to in-person learning, the U.S. Department of Education has released guidance on how LEAs and states can use ESSER funds to address the disproportionate impact of lost instructional time during the COVID-19 pandemic. This report provides a number of evidence-based strategies that focus on meeting the needs of underserved students by: building trust with families and supporting safe in-person learning; supporting students' social, emotional, and mental health needs; utilizing approaches for accelerated learning, including high-quality tutoring; supporting students during key transitions; and using high-quality assessments and data systems to track student learning.

REL COVID-19 Resources - Institute of Education Sciences

The 10 Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) have collaborated to produce this series of evidence-based resources and guidance about teaching and learning in a remote environment, as well as other considerations brought by the pandemic. Resources are arranged by topic.

IES Resources for Responding to COVID-19

This Institute of Education Sciences (IES) webpage contains resources, research, and statistics about teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic for educators, caregivers, and policymakers. IES is compiling data and carrying out research to understand how COVID-19 is altering education, and is generating solutions to support learners, educators, and parents. This includes strategies for teaching remotely based on a continuum of internet access, as well as factors for supporting student engagement in remote and hybrid settings.

WestEd Resources for Educators Responding to COVID-19

WestEd offers an evolving selection of evidence-based resources and guidance designed to help educators continue to make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth, and adults during these difficult times. Resource and guidance are offered in the following topic areas: Distance & At-Home Learning; English Learners; Health, Safety, & Well-Being; Online Professional Learning; Resource Planning & Management; Science & Mathematics; and Special Education.