2012 Propel Training Institute: Inspiring Achievement

Event Description

This conference will focus on "transferable practices to inspire achievement in students, teachers, principals and administration." As a result of grant support from the U.S. Department of Education, there is no attendance fee for the conference.

At the conference participants will:

  • Gather transferable practices such as behavior and incentive systems, creative use of school space, and establishment of school and community partnerships.
  • Become a part of a universal, multi-level coaching model that can strengthen our school cultures and community.
  • Look at various methods for using technology and data to enhance all instruction, meet the needs of every student, and increase meaningful engagement.
  • See Propel in Action first hand¬†by visiting multiple Propel School sites, and then work with your colleagues to determine pragmatic ways to enhance your own best practices.
  • Discover how Propel has established a record of "Inspiring Achievement" and learn how to apply these principles in your own schools.
  • ¬†