2018 Illinois Charter Schools Conference

Event Description

Join educators, administrators, community members, and public school advocates on November 15 for the Illinois Network of Charter Schools’ 7th annual Illinois Charter Schools Conference. Last year, over 500 education stakeholders participated in a day of workshops, inspiring speakers, timely content, and networking, and we expect a greater turnout this year. The annual awards luncheon, where exemplary charter educators and students will be recognized, is also not to be missed. Click here for more information, and contact Rich Haglund with any questions.

More Conference Details

This year’s conference theme is Our People, Our Power, and programming will focus on how the Illinois charter school community can ensure that the critical voices of students, teachers, and parents are amplified. The conference will be a day to energize charter school leaders, teachers, and community members and support them to continue the transformative work they are doing every day.


The Illinois Charter Schools Conference will be headlined by Trabian Shorters, the founder of the BMe Community. Mr. Shorters will deliver a captivating keynote and host a breakout session on how to apply asset-framing to achieve greater success, diversity, equity, and impact. Mr. Shorters uses discovery-based learning to impart knowledge from leading-edge global and national authorities on cognition, racial narrative, social innovation, and engagement.


Conference attendees will be able to select from 14 sessions spanning five different strands: Operations, Teaching & Learning, Community Engagement, Policy, and Character. Session topics will cover charter school education best practices, facilities and capital improvements, messaging, special education, policy challenges facing charters, diversity and inclusion, and many more.

Programming will also include an intensive management class in the afternoon from The Management Center on developing your people and hiring for diversity. Please note that space is limited for this class, and stay tuned for the opening of the sign up for this intensive session.

Educators and parents will have the opportunity to share their stories and connect with each other throughout the day.