CSO Master Class: School Leadership Development

Event Description

State-based charter support organizations (CSOs) are leading and innovating practices in their states to serve high-performing charter schools. School operators look to CSOs to help with best practices around school leadership development. This class shared CSO strategies around school leadership development in the following areas: 

1) Cultivating future leaders of new and existing schools including partnering with higher education institutions, non-profits, CMOs, and SEAs to create leadership pipelines;

2) Working with schools to create internal pipelines for school leaders, including clear succession plans;

3) Developing strategic supports for school leaders around building authorizer relationships and responding to academic standards included in authorizer performance frameworks,  while encouraging the entrepreneurial and innovative mindset of most charter school leaders 

CSOs have varying levels of expertise in these areas as they work to develop high-quality charter school sectors in their states. This class also included a follow-up from the December 2015 Master Class on new school development where participants learned about creating a new school development pipeline, coaching new leaders, supporting planning groups, and developing a new school plan.