Digging into Charter Schools' Special Education Enrollment Differences

Event Description

Center on Reinventing Public Education Director Robin Lake and Senior Research Analyst and Research Director Betheny Gross will share key points from CRPE's November 2012 report, New York State Special Education Enrollment Analysis. The report describes the distribution of students with disabilities in New York State charter and district-run schools.

The discussion will cover ways in which state education agencies and authorizers can address and respond to potential enrollment issues, the interconnectedness of all stakeholders' activities, and responsibilities across the charter sector.

The webinar, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. (Eastern Time), is hosted by the National Charter School Resource Center. Ample time will be provided for Q&A.

There is no fee to participate. Register now. Please complete and submit the online registration form no later than Tuesday, May 21. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

For additional information, please contact Amanda DeFrancisco, 312-283-2404, adefrancisco@air.org.