Master Class: Board Development and Governance

Event Description

Non-profit boards serve an important role in ensuring strong governance of schools. Independent governance is the key differentiator between public charter schools and other public schools—independently governed boards put in place the context for success, shield schools from the ever-changing forces of politics, and insist on results. Boards also provide charter schools with volunteer board memberswho bring valuable talents and resources to public schools that would otherwisebe unattainable. Board service, in turn, gives those individuals the opportunity to play a meaningful role in public education reform. 

This class presented CSOs on good charter school governance so they can be better-equipped to create high-quality governance practices to sustain a high-quality charter movement in their states. Participants walked away with actionable plans for applying what they learned in their daily work with local charter schools.


Libuse Binder, Executive Director, Washington State Charter Board Partners

Mary Carmichael, Executive Director, Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina

Kate Essex, Chief Program Officer, Charter Board Partners

Elisa Falcó, Vice President, School Services, Georgia Charter Schools Association

Terry Croy Lewis, Vice President of School Quality and Support, Colorado League of Charter Schools