NSBA Annual Conference & Exposition

Event Description

This year’s conference theme highlights inspirational individuals from all walks of life, pioneers in their respective fields, who made extraordinary contributions to society. Their courage and commitment to excellence helped shape their communities and our nation. A nation where an educator can become an astronaut, a man who spends his life fighting for what is good and just can reach the Supreme Court, and a farmer’s son can rise above hardships and poverty to become the first and foremost education reformer.

As a school board member YOU make an extraordinary contribution to our country by helping shape the leaders of tomorrow. Your decisions play a critical role in the lives of children and the future of our communities. To be an extraordinary school board member requires a commitment to student achievement and ensuring every student receives a high-quality education. It is essential to stay informed of the latest issues, trends, and best practices in public education, and the NSBA Annual Conference and Exposition is the only national event that offers education leaders these resources and access to the experts.