Webinar: Charter Schools and Food Services - Options, Planning, and Decision-Making

Event Description

Please join an upcoming National Charter School Resource Center webinar on charter schools and food service options. The webinar will help charter schools understand the options and alternatives involved at different stages of food service planning and decision-making. The following presenters will present a range of information, resources, and perspectives to support better decision making:

  • The US Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service office (Debra Utting, Program Analyst and Wesley Gaddie, Program Analyst) will share federal resources available to charter schools;
  • CharterChoice Collaborative School Food Authority (Britton Knickerbocker, Executive Director and Kelly Chrisman, Director of Partnerships and School Relations): A charter school food service collaborative in Colorado organized to provide individual charter schools more efficient access to food service options; and 
  • KIPP New Jersey (Frank Mancuso, Director of Nutrition): A charter school network whose experience across many years and multiple campuses provides a wide range of perspectives into the decision-making and options involved in establishing food service operations.

If you would like to attend the following webinar, please register here.