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Reports 01 Nov, 2017
This annual report by the Washington State Board of Education provides an overview and assessment of one of the authorizers in the state, the Washington State Charter School… Read More
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Reports 06 Jun, 2017
The Interdistrict Open Enrollment in Ohio: Participation and Student Outcomes publication from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute is a first of its kind analysis conducted by Ohio… Read More
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Reports 01 Jun, 2017
Today, there are nearly 3 million students nationwide attending charter public schools. By 2020, that number is expected to reach over four million students. To learn more about… Read More
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Reports 16 Feb, 2017
ith five voucher programs today; continued calls for expansion; changing funding amounts; and ongoing debates in the areas of accountability, quality, and equity, the Thomas B.… Read More
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Reports 02 Jan, 2017
NIEA has created the Native Nations and American Schools: The History of Natives in the American Education System to share information about the historical context and current… Read More