We do accept applications from the past year's awardees but will not fund an applicant more than 3 years in a row.  Additionally, we have identified the following components of successful grant requests to provide further guidance. The table below is not exhaustive but meant to help provide insight.  If you feel you are a good fit we encourage you to apply.

We are interested in programs and projects that are:

  • Outdoors / in open space / wilderness / possibly camps    
  • Away from electronics
  • Experiential / hands on
  • Immersive experiences
  • Unstructured / allow for free/personal time
  • Inquiry based
  • Longer term (i.e. longer than a couple of hours, usually over a couple of days
  • Supportive of open space preservation

We are NOT as interested in programs and projects that are:

  • Environmental/Ecology education (i.e. technical, structured, classroom type experiences) 
  • Environmental advocacy​
  • Structured / classroom-type experiences
  • Short term / one-time