A charter school receiving a grant under CFDA number 84.282C may use the grant funds to assist other schools in adapting the charter school’s program (or certain aspects of the charter school’s program), or to disseminate information about the charter school, through such activities as:

  • Assisting other individuals with the planning and start-up of one or more new public schools, including charter schools, that are independent of the assisting charter school and the assisting charter school’s developers, and that agree to be held to at least as high a level of accountability as the assisting charter school
  • Developing partnerships with other public schools, including charter schools, designed to improve student academic achievement in each of the schools participating in the partnership
  • Developing curriculum materials, assessments, and other materials that promote increased student achievement and are based on successful practices within the assisting charter school
  • Conducting evaluations and developing materials that document the successful practices of the assisting charter school and that are designed to improve student performance in other schools