The Mission of the Ed Rachal Foundation is established by the last will and testament of the Foundation’s benefactor. In his will dated June 2, 1964, the late Ed Rachal decreed, “…I devise and bequeath the rest and residue of my estate of every kind and wheresoever situated real, personal and mixed, to such corporation to be used exclusively for the benefit of charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the State of Texas”  In keeping with this instruction, the Ed Rachal Foundation was created on July 29, 1965. This rather profound, albeit simple statement provides the mission pursued by the Foundation’s management staff and Board of Directors.

The Ed Rachal Foundation accepts applications at any time.  There are no designated deadlines for the submission of requests.  Grant proposals, when complete, are placed on the next appropriate Board of Directors’ agenda for consideration.  Applicants will receive confirmation by letter of receipt of application.  This notification will indicate the approximate date of the Board meeting in which the application will be considered.