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Welcome to the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) funding opportunity database. The database includes one-time and ongoing national grants, fellowships, and scholarships that are currently active. Sponsors include the U.S. Federal Government and philanthropic organizations. This page is updated frequently as charter school funding opportunities are announced. Funding opportunities are displayed below in order of due date, i.e., opportunities with the most imminent deadlines are listed first and alphabetically within the same due date range.

Please note that state-specific and currently inactive funding opportunities are excluded from this database. For information about state-specific funding opportunities, please visit State Resources for Charter Schools on the NCSRC website to contact your State Education Agency and, if applicable, your state’s Charter Support Organization. For more information about federal funding opportunities, please visit Accessing Federal Programs: A Guidebook for Charter School Operators and Developers.

Current and Future Opportunities

NEA Foundation: Student Success Grants
Competitive Grant | Nonprofit | National Educators Association
Award Size
$1,500 or $5,000

The NEA Student Success  Grants fund educators to develop and implement projects that will achieve one or more of the following goals: enhance students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, their… Read More

Nina Heard Astin Charitable Trust
Competitive Grant | Nonprofit | Nina Heard Astin Charitable Trust, administered by Wells Fargo Philanthropic Services
Award Size
Range = $5,000 - $10,000

The Nina Heard Astin Charitable Trust makes grants in the areas of education, arts and culture, humanities, health and human services, and the environment. Primary focus is Texas, but organizations in other states are encouraged to apply for… Read More

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education: School Choice & Improvement Programs Magnet School Assistance Program (MSAP)
Competitive Grant | Federal | Department of Education
Award Size
"Total award size: $122,000,000 Individual award sizes: $1,500,000-$3,500,000"

MSAP, authorized under title IV, part D of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (ESEA), provides grants to local educational agencies (LEAs) and consortia of LEAs to create or revise magnet schools under required or… Read More

Office of Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Education Agencies
Formula Grant | Federal | Office of Indian Education, U.S. Department of Education
Award Size
Range of Awards = $4,000 to $2,653,404 Average Award = $86,000

The Office of Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies program provides grants to support local educational agencies (LEAs), Indian Tribes and organizations, and other eligible entities in… Read More

Project to Support America's Families and Educators (Project SAFE) Grant Program
Formula Grant | Federal | Safe & Supportive Schools, Office of Elementary and Secondary Schools, U.S. Department of Education
Award Size
Total=$3,200,000. Range=$50,000-$350,000. Average=$250,000.

Project to Support America's Families and Educators (Project SAFE) Grant Program is intended to improve students’ safety and well-being by providing funding to local educational agencies (LEAs) that adopt and implement strategies to prevent the… Read More

Reiman Foundation
Competitive Grant | Foundation |
Award Size
Awards vary

The Reiman Foundation makes grants in the areas of education, health care, the arts, and children. Applications to the Reiman Foundation need not adhere to any specific form. The Foundation asks that the information contained be specific enough… Read More

Renew America's Schools Grant
Competitive Grant | Federal | U.S. Department of Energy
Award Size
Total = $80,000,000

The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced first-of-its-kind investments to make clean energy improvements at K-12 public schools. Funds will position school districts to make energy upgrades, such as new heating, ventilation and air… Read More

School In-Service Training Grants
| Nonprofit | Clarence Olander Fund and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Award Size
Up to $4,000

The purpose of the School In-Service Grants offered by the Clarence Olander Fund and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is to provide financial assistance for in-service education in… Read More

Schools and Libraries E-Rate Program
| Nonprofit | Universal Service Administrative Co.
Award Size
Varies - Discounts on internet and telecommunication services and equipment

The Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) program provides funding towards eligible internet services and equipment for schools and libraries. Public or private schools (K-12), libraries, and groups of schools and libraries (e.g., consortia, districts,… Read More

Summer Reading Grants
Competitive Grant | Foundation | Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Award Size
Maximum is $3,000

These grants support the creation or expansion of summer reading programs. Local nonprofit organizations, schools and libraries are eligible to apply if their programs meet the following criteria: (1) target… Read More


Ongoing Opportunities