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Newsletters 12 Jul, 2022
  State Entity and Developer Grant Competitions are Open Now The U.S. Department of Education has released Notices Inviting Applications (NIAs) for the Charter School Programs… Read More
"Allocating School Resources to Support Student and School Needs" against a blue background under the NCSRC logo
Webinar 27 Apr, 2022 - 27 Apr, 2022
The National Charter School Resource Center hosted a workshop, "Allocating School Resources to Support Student and School Needs," to support charter school budget teams in… Read More
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Newsletters 01 Mar, 2022
A Message from the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter School Programs (CSP) Program Director, Dr. Anna Hinton Every year as we approach the month of February, I inevitably… Read More
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Newsletters 18 Nov, 2021
First Things First - Thank You! 2021 was full of challenges and triumphs for educators and students as many of you navigated the return to in-person school. In response, NCSRC… Read More
White font on a blue and green background spelling out the title "Accessing Federal Programs: A Guidebook for Charter School Operators and Developers"
Toolkits 10 Mar, 2021
The U.S. Department of Education (ED) funds and administers education programs for a variety of purposes and recognizes and rewards excellence and improvement by students, schools… Read More
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Toolkits Bi Vuong 11 Feb, 2021
A strategic budgeting toolkit for SEA and LEA budgeting following COVID-19 losses in revenue. Seems relevant to schools and CMOs as well.
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Learning Module 07 Dec, 2020
Introduction This master class provides information on how charter schools can use Opportunity Zone (OZ) funding as part of their facilities financing, and how investors and… Read More
A Synthesis of Research on Charter School Facilities Report Cover
Reports 06 Oct, 2020
“A Synthesis of Research on Charter School Facilities” examines the current state of charter school access to facilities, including facility acquisition and ownership, and… Read More
Title slide for From Pandemic to Equity for All webinar
Webinar 15 Jul, 2020 - 15 Jul, 2020
Credit Enhancement grantees across the country are executing purpose-driving initiatives in response to current events in public education. The National Charter School Resource… Read More