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The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) is pleased to offer self-guided learning opportunities for today’s busy professionals. Explore the following modules at your own pace, diving deep into the content whenever works best for your schedule. Each module presented below includes recorded tutorials, workbooks, additional resource links, and more to help you gain mastery of the topics presented.

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This asynchronous learning experience is designed to help charter school leaders and governing board members leverage NCSRC’s Indicators of Distress research in their own context. It includes findings related to the experiences of charter schools as they show early warning signs of decline and two webinars to support leaders and board members in applying the indicators of distress in their schools. It also includes facilitated discussion videos to help schools engage in dialogue about their own practices.

Bright clouds with thtIdentifying Indicators of Distress in Charter Schools: An Authorizer Master Class

This asynchronous learning experience is designed to help charter school authorizers leverage NCSRC’s Indicators of Distress research in their own practices. These two reports and two webinars can support authorizers establish an early warning system for schools in their portfolios who may be exhibiting signs of distress.

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This asynchronous learning experience is designed to help charter schools reflect upon how they are transitioning EL students back to in-person learning. It offers expert advice and guidance to help ELs flourish academically through rigorous in-person instruction, supportive learning environments, and ongoing family engagement.

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This master class provides information on how charter schools can use Opportunity Zone (OZ) funding as part of their facilities financing, and how investors and philanthropists can work with charter schools in OZs to enhance community development. 

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Nearly one in every 10 students nationally are classified as an English Learner (EL). Charter schools are uniquely positioned to serve EL students based on the autonomy in the charter promise and their ability to be nimble in response to community and student needs. This multi-part learning experience provides charter school leaders and directors of academic learning with an overview of EL education and available resources to support EL education in charter schools. It also includes brief profiles and lessons learned of two Charter School Programs grantees who are experiencing results in educating EL students.

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Strong leadership skills are essential for charter sector leaders to navigate the challenging times ahead of their organization during an unprecedented academic year and beyond. Leading in the Unknown is a four-part series featuring charter sector experts who provide real world applications on leading teams through change, maintaining a strategic focus, tracking success, and sustaining impact. Each module in the series includes three components – a webinar with implementation strategies and guided self-reflection workbook, and an interview with a charter school leader on putting the content into practice.