New Blog Post Highlights NSCRC's State Profiles

News | 05 Mar, 2021

In a new guest blog post for the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), Robin Chait and Lauren Outlaw detail the value of NCSRC's recently published High-Quality Charter Authorizing Policy Profiles. Chait and Outlaw, NCSRC's Senior TA Advisor and Senior Policy Specialist, respectively, are co-authors of the State Profiles. 

"State Profiles are tools for state policymakers, authorizers, and other practitioners to learn about their own authorizing policy environments and those of their peers," they write. "The Profiles can help you answer questions like: Which states have policy profiles similar to your state? Are there peers that you can network with and/or learn from? If you are familiar with another state’s authorizer practices, how feasible is it for you to adopt certain practices given your respective state policies?"

They go on to share examples of innovative technical assistance approaches for charter school authorization, as well. Read the entire post at NACSA's blog.

For more information on the State Profiles, watch this webinar featuring Chait and Outlaw in conversation with education officials who are working to improve the authorization processes in their states.