Better Choices: Charter Incubation As a Strategy for Improving the Charter School Sector

This December 2011 policy brief from the Cities for Education Entrepreneurship Trust and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute discusses the use and means of supporting local incubator organizations designed to develop high-quality charter schools, charter networks, and school leaders.

Better Choices: Charter Incubation as a Strategy for Improving the Charter School Sector, prepared by the education policy and consulting firm Public Impact, examines incubation as a way to accelerate growth of “high-quality options within the charter sector” and “strategies for directing public funds” to support the effort. The policy brief reviews the impact of high-quality charter schools on student achievement, describes the role of incubators and how they have performed and outlines how expansion of such efforts could be aided through government policies and new types of funding mechanism such as “social-impact bonds.”

The policy brief was the subject of a panel discussion at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute in Washington, D.C., moderated by Bryan Hassel, Co-Director of Public Impact; with panelists Neerav Kingsland, Chief Strategy Officer of New Schools for New Orleans; Patrick Herrel, Vice President of Education Initiatives at The Mind Trust; and Al Fan, Executive Director of Charter School Partners.