Charter School Performance in New Jersey

Center for Research on Education Outcomes
27 Nov, 2012

This November 2012 report from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes focuses on the performance of New Jersey charter schools and provides comparisons with district schools. The report examines data from 2007-2011 and grades 3-8, and includes comparisons based on demographics and poverty, as well as performance based on location in rural, suburban, and urban schools; impact on special education students, and students’ progress through multiple grades.

According to the report, the analysis used “Virtual Control Record” methods, where data profiles of charter school students are used to find matching students or “virtual twins” in traditional public schools who are followed for the purpose of comparison.  According to the report, “30 percent of the charter schools have significantly more positive learning gains than their (traditional public school) counterparts in reading, while 11 percent of charter schools have significantly lower learning gains. In math, 40 percent of the charter schools studied outperform their (traditional public school) peers and 13 percent perform worse.”