Federal Court Documents in Arkansas Desegregation Case Involving Little Rock School District Request for Restrictions on Charter Schools

These filings in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Arkansas, Western Division, cover the positions of key parties in a dispute about the impact of charter schools on desegregation in the area of Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Little Rock School District filed a motion in federal court in 2010 asking the court to enforce a 1989 settlement agreement, with the motion seeking restrictions on charter school operations that the district states interfere with its desegregation efforts. The state Attorney General’s response asks that the court deny the district’s motion, stating that the 1989 settlement agreement is obsolete and unnecessary to provide integrated education in the area. The judge signed an order allowing a charter schools group to be heard in the case. The charter school group’s response opposes the district’s motion and states that the charter schools have their own contract interests at stake in the case. A decision on the school district's motion was still pending as of February 1, 2012.

The documents cover a wide range of issues, including school funding, transportation, charter school development, methods of desegregation, the influence of poverty, and the roles and interactions of the courts, legislature, and public school agencies.