Getting Lost While Trying to Follow the Money: Special Education Finance in Charter Schools

Lauren Morando Rhim, Paul O’Neill, Amy Ruck, Kathryn Huber, and Sivan Tuchman, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools
02 Nov, 2015

In developing the brief, the goal was to present a clear and succinct point-in-time description of how special education is funded in charter schools to empower key stakeholders with critical information to help inform their operational decisions and, if appropriate, seek policy changes to better support charter schools to develop quality special education programs. The data were collected in early 2015 and reflect the status of federal and state policies at that time. Given the ever evolving nature of federal and state legislation, readers should bear in mind that laws can change, and should therefore verify the status of relevant laws before taking action based on our analysis.