How Charter Schools Can Leverage Community Assets through Partnerships

Detail from the Community Partnerships report cover

Community partnerships empower charter schools by strengthening their capacity to serve the needs of students, families, and staff through deliberate partnerships with community-based entities. Schools can collaborate with community organizations to gain access to educational or physical resources, and the school community can give back through service-learning opportunities and resource-sharing with local organizations. And thanks to their relative autonomy, charter organizations are uniquely equipped to engage partners and even design schools where partnerships are a key design element. 

How Charter Schools Can Leverage Community Assets through Partnerships is a resource to guide charter school operators in their design and implementation of community partnerships. It can be used by operators in any phase of school development.

This brief summarizes the partnership-building efforts of four charter school organizations:
•    Central Queens Academy (Queens, NY)
•    Kairos Public Schools (Vacaville, CA)
•    DSST Public Schools (Denver, CO)
•    City Garden Montessori (St. Louis, MO)

It also includes a look at seven factors that can help you build successful school-community partnerships, as well as the four-step guide, “Getting Started: How to Turn Your Community Partnerships Vision into Reality.”

For more information on this topic, watch videos from the NCSRC Summer Chat Series on Community Engagement, which feature representatives from CSP and conversations with the grantees featured in the publication.