Model Charter School Application: A Resource for Missouri Charter Public School Sponsors

Office of Quality Schools, Missouri Department of Education
09 Oct, 2015

This application calls for proposals to start charter schools that are likely to achieve strong educational outcomes. Through charter schools, we expect to provide families with educational options of many different shapes and sizes but with one thing in common: quality education.

This application packet will guide you through the steps of developing a charter school proposal. Each section requests information about a specific aspect of your plan and presents the evaluation criteria that reviewers will use to determine whether the section meets the standard for approval. Experience has shown that successful charter schools tend to have a number of common characteristics:

• A clear, focused, results-oriented mission statement that aligns all parts of the proposal

• Demonstrated understanding of the population that the school is likely to serve;

• An educational program that is likely to be effective for the target population;

• Strong and diverse leadership; and

• Strong financial planning and management.